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Behind Those Doors

Sticky Post
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I'm moving...
Ohaiyoukai! XDDD Bcoz it still morning here (3:11am).
I need to go to work at 8.30am. (=___= )

This is my new LJ:


I'm moving to a new LJ account. Sorry for sudden news on my birthday. SURPRISE? (^___^||)
The reason is bcoz it was troublesome to delete unactive LJ. That is why i'm creating a new one.
Besides, i need to rearrange everything all in square one. I'm making my own Tumblr account too...
I will tell you in my new LJ. Sorry for the new friend that added me last week(?) 

This will my last post. I may not post anything at all.
All post will be in my new LJ. Add me there if you want.
This LJ will be use only for download only. You can de-friend me here.
Sorry for all the trouble that I caused. Thank you....


The way i represent myself, will you agree?
Belong 2gether
Yo! It already been 3months from the last post. though i want to post like once a month but endup doing once every 3months. I do lot more focus on KameNo community, though i'm still lacking in doing it due that i'm very busy. I already put my community in hiatus status. The community needs a lot of graphic & touch up, so it has an interesting interface than a lame & boring interface. Lot of things to do, very little time to do all of them in short of time. I need to think for myself too. I'm talking with no direction now....

1st of all let's talk about CHAIN. I saw a lot of fancam for this concert. Thank you for the fangirls that took those fancam for us fangirls that cannot attend their concert. I only see Kame's solo & Ueda;s solo only. Ueda's song is very beautiful. Very suitable with Ueda's voice. Love that song. Hansel & Gratel right? Kame's solo was beautiful. no doubt about his performance. Kame's performance is number one. I'm waiting for GIRLS to be sing in their concert. JunnO, fulfill your promise. I know you want to sing GIRLS in concert too. Pursued them to add GIRLS!!!! Let me help you? ^^"

2nd, let me tell you a little secret of mine. I like KAT-TUN as 6 bcoz I need Jin. If there is no Jin, no JinxKoki pairing. I'm a fangirl of this pairing. KAT-TUN as 5 are doing their best. I'm wishing Jin will do his best. It doesn't matter anymore, right? I'm sleepy....

3rd, though i opened an account here for the sake of KAT-TUN, I think I will do this for my personal journal. I will add serious stuffs in future post, Although, I hate doing f-list cut, but i need to do it for my sake. If you want to remove me from your f-list, plez do so. I really don't mind. I seldom here in LJ & the distance between us drifting apart, there are reasons why you need to remove me, I don't blame you. If you think, we can still be friends here, I will be happy too. Sorry for removing you if you think we still have that connection, bcoz I'm not feeling it. If you read this, feel free to comment, if not, sorry.

4th, I'm loving you, i really do. You all are my precious friends that so patience with me. I'm not doing a good job in connecting the relationship that we have. TT______TT 

5th, Kame JunnO be my shelter. Do more fanservice for me. JunnO, accept Kame offer! >___< I'm drifting apart.... Suke-chan, i love you. I love you very, very deeply. You will always be the number one idol that i adore until forever. 

ONE DAY on my regular life, they appear..
Happy 4 U

CHAIN KAT-TUN 6th Debut by ~MiXJN on deviantART

ONE DAY, on my typical day, while skipping in my living room, i was watching birds singing in my tv. None of them catch my attention. After awhile, there were this group & I noticed one of them, in blond, taller than any of his member. So i thought for myself, maybe just a regular group singing maybe awesome song or just normal song. They were up in the stage. ready to sing. then I saw the title. What is this title? The moment they began to sing, my eyes was caught by the melody & the lyric, though that I dont understand any words. They influence me in many ways. No other group give this extreme impacts in my life. Though I always admired other groups, KAT-TUN will always be my 1st choice, now & forever. I will always be their fan. That is my promise that i intend to keep for the rest of my life. You are one of my life achievement that I want to achieve in my life. ^^

All of you, each one of you, in
KAT-TUN, is my PRECIOUS ONE. &FOREVER will be the number 1 in my heart. Happy 6th Debut Anniversary, KAT-TUN

KameNo A Day Community
The community totally dedicated to my favorite OTP, Kazuya Kamenashi and Junnosuke Taguchi. If you like, please JOIN/WATCH the community. If you have any questions, problem or anything, just let me know. Like old people said, Learn from your mistakes.

I like to thank kuuchi
 for convincing me to open a KameNo community out of blue. Also being the co-mod with me. Thanks a lot girl. Please enjoy the community.

Forget me Not, Forget Me Not~
Fix Yuichi JunnO
It has been awhile since the last time I post about picspam bcoz I heard some unusual news that will trigger my love to KokixJin, I will make a picspam about them. KokixJin, you guys will always be my 2nd fav pairing~ I LOVE YOU!!!! HEAR MY SCREAM!!! 


Jin: Let meet my pet. -drumrolls-
Koki: -appear- RAWWWWR~

How sweet of them. Both love kids. Dream husband... ^^

Whether one of them can be the man & the "girl". PINKY!!! XDDD

Jin: Wait for me, Ko-chan. I want to walk beside you. -walk happily-
Koki: Ok~ -blushed-
Me & my imagination~ XDDD

Their smile so alike~ -Delusion fangirl-

I REALLY, REALLY like Pinky. Although I was surprised at 1st. ^^"

One of my favorite picture of them together.

I really HOPE, if the rumor was true, they work up their problem. if not, I'm the most happy KokixJin fangirl ever. ^^

 I love you f-list~ ^^

Belong 2gether

Seasons with Kazuya by ~MiXJN on deviantART


"What will your excuses be this time?"
Thinking JunnO
I'm lazy~ (^_^")

Be Healthy more....Collapse )