July 9th, 2012


I'm moving...

Ohaiyoukai! XDDD Bcoz it still morning here (3:11am).
I need to go to work at 8.30am. (=___= )

This is my new LJ:


I'm moving to a new LJ account. Sorry for sudden news on my birthday. SURPRISE? (^___^||)
The reason is bcoz it was troublesome to delete unactive LJ. That is why i'm creating a new one.
Besides, i need to rearrange everything all in square one. I'm making my own Tumblr account too...
I will tell you in my new LJ. Sorry for the new friend that added me last week(?) 

This will my last post. I may not post anything at all.
All post will be in my new LJ. Add me there if you want.
This LJ will be use only for download only. You can de-friend me here.
Sorry for all the trouble that I caused. Thank you....


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