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Only 3 days left b4 Eidulfitri!!! Can't wait to celebrate it! This year I will be celebrating the holiday special in Melaka with my dad. Last year with my mum. Busy with study last year. Nothing to enjoy. This year is different bcoz it falls on the holiday season! So plenty of things to do. Like go to my friends' house. Need making a plan with my friends which house to visit.  Holiday season is almost over.

How you guys spent the whole season? I'm just laying on my bed & fangirling over KAT-TUN. I dun think I spend my holiday season with useful activities. I got to add new friends on Facebook & LJ. Although we dun anything in common or maybe a few, let's find out something else that we can talk about. I have all of you but we seldom talk. T____T I'm a shy girl & not social enough. I dun know what to talk about. Please talk to me. Ask me anything. I will ask you  too. I dun mind, any question is ok. I will answer it with honesty & straight-forward.

*Dark-gloomy-Numix Mode: On*
Yesterday, suddenly, my level of angryness rise. I almost want to slap my youngest brother. I just pull his nose. I found him very annoying, crying his lung out. At that point, I hate him so much. He asked my sis to bath him. I can't even look at his face. So, since I was so furious, I decided to be furious & be dark for the entire day. It only took me like 1hour to be myself bcoz when I went to take my bath, I cried. I cried really hard. My heart was about to burst out of anger. So, I realize, I can't stay mad even for one day. My eyes swallowed, so i hide my face from my sis. Even my youngest brother want to talk to me, I just ignored him. I'm kinda felt sorry for him. My mum just went to Kelantan to my grandmother's house.
*Drak-gloomy-Numix Mode: Off*

KAT-TUN is doing great! Single after single this year. I wonder when will the release their album. Early next year or b4 their concert? How many single will they release next year? I can't wait!!!! JunnO is becoming more hotter & I want to read his j-web section! Koki exposing his children more & they are increasing! Where did he got the time to take care all of them? I want adopt a cat(s?) when I have my  own house to live. I really Love cats. What animal do you like the most? Yuichi is becoming more cuter & pretty too~ Yuichi with big eyes is CUTE!!! Can't wait to see Yuichi in suit!!! Uepi is growing inside my heart. Seeing him in RUN FOR YOU PV, make me like him so much, bit by bit. How he dances his heart out. Give me different impression.  Kame is undescribe. Waiting to see him in drama. Love his acting.

I have a lot to say, but maybe another post. I talked too much for today post. Have a great last few days of your holiday. See  you guys next post.

B4 I forgot, Happy Birthday Yuichi~ Hope you get the present that you like~^^

Tags: awesome kat-tun, book of life, frenship maruno, my fanart

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