Numix (gagulan) wrote,

Shock! Every Day I Shock! Every Night I Shock!

Uepi HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry I forgot your birthday~ ^^"

snow_guardian, I already finished it (like around 11.15pm)! I make a few but I'm very satisfied with this one, so I hope you like it!!! Sorry, but I make an experiment with this one but I'm glad that it turn out very nice. Sorry again bcoz you asked for snow theme & yet no snow. I hope the title look "snowing" enough~ ^^"
No coloring bcoz I really failed at coloring & i don't know how to use photo-whatever-software.


Sorry again, bcoz I'm in hurry~ ^^
PS: Please stay healthy & smile from your heart not bcoz you force to smile. I'm sending a lot of LOVES & KISSES to all my f-list.
PS2: I GOT A NEW PRINTER 3in1. That is why i can draw & scan on the spot! ^^

PS3: Stupid slow internet, didn't want me to upload my drawing!!! >____<
PS4: I don't have JunDa tag!!! O.o
Tags: cute tsuya, happy birthday!, my fanart, ore saikou! suke, sweet junda

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