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I rather be a KY person like JunnO...

I don't know whether I'm too much crazy over JunnO or I just hoping to be someone else. All I know that I want to be like JunnO. To be like his everything. To be super positive about everything so I don't have to be so gloomy & have mix emotional. To be tall like him. My dream height was 172cm but Now I only about 170cm. To be thin like JunnO. His long legs, his long arms, his flat stomach. To be sporty like him. So I can play every sport out there without hesitate whether or not I can play that sport or not. To have hair like JunnO. Every hair style looks amazing on my head. XDDD. To have a long neck like JunnO. So I can look amazing when I turn my head to the back. XDDD. To be fashionable like JunnO. Though I don't like skinny jeans but they looks amazing attach to JunnO's legs. I love every coats he wears. Every accessories around his body or w/o any accessories, he still looks so handsome & cool! I want to dress like him (too bad i'm a girl). I want to buy all the clothes & accessories that he wears. Most of all, I want to be KY. So I don't have to notice other people feeling towards me. i hate that i have to take care of everyone's feeling. But I can't argue much because that is real life/world. Live happily & forget about people that want to take you down. I guess. XDDD

I just got my twitter account last
Sunday. Add me for those who already have twitter account,ok? My twitter name is Numix87. I may already added some of you guys bcoz some of you used the same name as in LJ. this tuesday is my third day of using twitter, saying i'm still new in using them. So Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.

On to my real life. I just got back from EidulAdha holiday (a week) don't want to go back to my Uni but I was forced to go. Well, what can I do. XDDD I feel so gloomy maybe bcoz the bus driver smoked while driving. I hate smokers. if they smoke in open air I can avoid but if they smoke in small room that have air-condition, that will make me pissed so bad. If i'm in that situation, i will be automatically being so gloomy & have a bad mood on the spot!
I will try to smile & talk but my eyes will always aim that s
moker, so i can avoid. I will be super angry. I'm angry bcoz I fail to inform the bus driver to stop smoking, I'm angry that I can't sleep bcoz I wake up as soon I smell that smoke! I still have a headache from the smoke i inhaled. i'm still gloomy but I try to be positive & be happy. I don't have time to be gloomy. ;P

As always, Stay healthy. Keep yourself from smoking.
Sending a lot of
from me to you. Love you guys.
Sorry that my words speaks louder than my action.

PS: I'm into trees. I love trees. XDDD
Tags: book of life, ore saikou! suke

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