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"What will your excuses be this time?"

I'm lazy~ (^_^")

My thought? When I watched old Hindi movies on TV, I noticed back then the three Khans were very popular. I like Salman Khan the best. I don't know, maybe he has this big eyes that I adore. His cute acting & his image of being a rich kid. I don't like too muscular body like Salman but he is like a big cute kid, I ignore the big muscle he has. He has this big & adorable eyes. I used to like him. One of Hindi actor that I like. I also like Shah Rukh Khan. There is one film that close to my heart that Shah Rukh & Salman acted together. I forgot the title but they acted as brothers in life b4. They died together in front of their mother's eyes. The mother swear that her sons will come back to revenge on the bad guy. So they come but as strangers. Then they come to this village & all their memories came back. Then they saw the old house & saw the mother too. I wish i can watch that film again. I only watched like 2 times when it aired on my local TV channel. I wonder why they don't air the film again. b4 I forget, he has this bracelet that he wears in almost every film that I watched. You can see it on the 3rd picture of him. ^^

My life? I'm in my holiday for a month. 20
Feb2012 I will go back to my Uni & continue my study in sem 2 year 2. I'm a senior now. I have my 2 jrs under me but i guess they can take care of themselves. Next sem, My subjects will be tough but I guess I need to change my attitude, my study & my focus. I need to study more harder than I did last, last sems b4. Though it will be more tougher subjects ahead, I need to shape myself early. To many group projects I need to do. I need to upgrade my skills in programming especially.

My friends? Please take care of your health. I just recovered from a very bad fever that I never thought it would lasted that long. It should be longer if I don't make myself pretending that I'm healthy~

I'm off. I don't when will I post the next entry. Maybe on Valentine's day? ^^

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