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Forget me Not, Forget Me Not~

It has been awhile since the last time I post about picspam bcoz I heard some unusual news that will trigger my love to KokixJin, I will make a picspam about them. KokixJin, you guys will always be my 2nd fav pairing~ I LOVE YOU!!!! HEAR MY SCREAM!!! 


Jin: Let meet my pet. -drumrolls-
Koki: -appear- RAWWWWR~

How sweet of them. Both love kids. Dream husband... ^^

Whether one of them can be the man & the "girl". PINKY!!! XDDD

Jin: Wait for me, Ko-chan. I want to walk beside you. -walk happily-
Koki: Ok~ -blushed-
Me & my imagination~ XDDD

Their smile so alike~ -Delusion fangirl-

I REALLY, REALLY like Pinky. Although I was surprised at 1st. ^^"

One of my favorite picture of them together.

I really HOPE, if the rumor was true, they work up their problem. if not, I'm the most happy KokixJin fangirl ever. ^^

 I love you f-list~ ^^
Tags: faraway aka, invisible jinki, j.o.k.e.r -naka-

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