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ONE DAY on my regular life, they appear..

CHAIN KAT-TUN 6th Debut by ~MiXJN on deviantART

ONE DAY, on my typical day, while skipping in my living room, i was watching birds singing in my tv. None of them catch my attention. After awhile, there were this group & I noticed one of them, in blond, taller than any of his member. So i thought for myself, maybe just a regular group singing maybe awesome song or just normal song. They were up in the stage. ready to sing. then I saw the title. What is this title? The moment they began to sing, my eyes was caught by the melody & the lyric, though that I dont understand any words. They influence me in many ways. No other group give this extreme impacts in my life. Though I always admired other groups, KAT-TUN will always be my 1st choice, now & forever. I will always be their fan. That is my promise that i intend to keep for the rest of my life. You are one of my life achievement that I want to achieve in my life. ^^

All of you, each one of you, in
KAT-TUN, is my PRECIOUS ONE. &FOREVER will be the number 1 in my heart. Happy 6th Debut Anniversary, KAT-TUN
Tags: anniversary, awesome kat-tun, my fanart

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