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The way i represent myself, will you agree?

Yo! It already been 3months from the last post. though i want to post like once a month but endup doing once every 3months. I do lot more focus on KameNo community, though i'm still lacking in doing it due that i'm very busy. I already put my community in hiatus status. The community needs a lot of graphic & touch up, so it has an interesting interface than a lame & boring interface. Lot of things to do, very little time to do all of them in short of time. I need to think for myself too. I'm talking with no direction now....

1st of all let's talk about CHAIN. I saw a lot of fancam for this concert. Thank you for the fangirls that took those fancam for us fangirls that cannot attend their concert. I only see Kame's solo & Ueda;s solo only. Ueda's song is very beautiful. Very suitable with Ueda's voice. Love that song. Hansel & Gratel right? Kame's solo was beautiful. no doubt about his performance. Kame's performance is number one. I'm waiting for GIRLS to be sing in their concert. JunnO, fulfill your promise. I know you want to sing GIRLS in concert too. Pursued them to add GIRLS!!!! Let me help you? ^^"

2nd, let me tell you a little secret of mine. I like KAT-TUN as 6 bcoz I need Jin. If there is no Jin, no JinxKoki pairing. I'm a fangirl of this pairing. KAT-TUN as 5 are doing their best. I'm wishing Jin will do his best. It doesn't matter anymore, right? I'm sleepy....

3rd, though i opened an account here for the sake of KAT-TUN, I think I will do this for my personal journal. I will add serious stuffs in future post, Although, I hate doing f-list cut, but i need to do it for my sake. If you want to remove me from your f-list, plez do so. I really don't mind. I seldom here in LJ & the distance between us drifting apart, there are reasons why you need to remove me, I don't blame you. If you think, we can still be friends here, I will be happy too. Sorry for removing you if you think we still have that connection, bcoz I'm not feeling it. If you read this, feel free to comment, if not, sorry.

4th, I'm loving you, i really do. You all are my precious friends that so patience with me. I'm not doing a good job in connecting the relationship that we have. TT______TT 

5th, Kame JunnO be my shelter. Do more fanservice for me. JunnO, accept Kame offer! >___< I'm drifting apart.... Suke-chan, i love you. I love you very, very deeply. You will always be the number one idol that i adore until forever. 
Tags: awesome kat-tun, book of life, undetected kameno

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