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KAT-TUN Santai

Hai, I just go around my journal & realized that the last post I submitted was in May & now it already AUGUST!!! Three months w/o posting anything? Wow, I never knew it~ ^^"

So, let me share anything that I thought/did for the passed couple of weeks.

Ueda SmileKame Sexy
Pulau Pangkor
I went there last 2 weeks with my mum, my step dad, their child & my only sister. My mum have her own biz, so that trip originally for the company trip. She doesn't a lot of employer, like 5-6 people? only 2 of them are full-time employers & the rest just short-term employers. I went there for 3days & 2 nights. Not much to see bcoz the island is too small. You only pay like RM80 to see around the island by their van taxi. I have a good time, it just I want to see the ocean more often. Our hotel was like 2KM away from the ocean. T___T

Run For You single
All can I say that, all the songs in this single are like super good song! Like Cosmic Child, I dun know what with the song, but i loving it! Diamond, just beautiful. The dance they did in GOING, is easy to follow. I can sing along the lyric. &Forever is a beautiful song but I have difficult to sing it. T___T the music is beautiful, the lyric is beautiful. It just the tempo of the song, make me can't sing along. Sweet Chain, what can I say to this song? Amazing? Awesome? Just lovely.

The PV just WOW me. JunnO in a cold room (Every JunnO's fans want to warm him up! *___*), I was so shocked when he walked toward the door like he was trying to seduce me to let him go away. (*Q*) When he blow his breath to his hands. SO HOT!!! At the end when the light suddenly came out & he standing there. (*nosebleed*) Koki surrounded by electrical string. His face is so gentle. Sitting there, looking lost. (Dun touch that string, Koki, You will hurt yourself!) Kame with images. But I dun like when he stand at the wall with all the image covering his beautiful face. (=.="), Ueda with music equipment? When he dance, I was pretty amazed at his hair flipping, his body swing. His hair, caught my eyes! Yuichi's room was kind of stop moment. His lost look when he tried to touch that floating box but end up it dropped. His face was like "What happened? I dun do anything wrong, rite?". You just save KAT-TUN!!! (^u^) I was like, you should touch that box much sooner & they all were like "Eh, what is going on? Are we free?" that kind of stuffs. Although i have them locked in those rooms, I want them to be free & happy. (fangirl fantasy)

JunnO Smile
NEWS, slight of Kanjani8
Bcoz KAT-TUN will never have concert this year, I went to download NEWS & Kanjani8 concerts. So far I got Kanjani8's 8UPPERS part 1(Subbed), NEWS's Diamond, Live3x (I think I got all of their concerts, mostly raw one)I even download Tegomassu concerts. I download a lot of NEWS concerts. I realized that NEWS dance most of them involved hands movement & most of them easily to follow. I learn about NEWS history. It really surprised me when I discovered about them.

Ramadhan is when I carving for the food taht i can easily get when I'm not fasting. (>_>) It is only the 5th day of fasting & I was like so sleepy, hv no energy? I need to exercise this time of the month bcoz it is the easy way to prevent myself from food & it is the good way & healthy to get diet. I'm having great day & I'm looking forward to fasting full this year~ ^^ Happy fasting my friends~ ^^

Yuichi LookKoki Wink
How is your holiday? work sucked? Life is wonderful? ^^ Please take care of yourself & be healthy. I'm sending a lot of KISSES & HUGS for you guys.
PS: Sorry for spamming your page~

Run Run Run for You, Run Run Run for Your Life <3

It is 4am in the morning & I need to sleep!!! But b4 that I stumble on Suzuki Solio New CM~ I was curious to listen to KAT-TUN new song for the CM. I clicked & I'M ATTACH TO THE SONG!!! I can't keep my hand from not pressing the start button.*pause & pressed the start button* The song is so addicted!! *start to sing along*

The 1st i noticed was Kame's hair. SO Beautiful! I love how the hair flew when you are running~ Then I heard JunnO's voice. I was like what? His part make the song in high tension! Yuichi's voice smooth the tension~ So BEAUUUTIFUULLLLL!!! Koki's voice, Ueda's voice & Yuichi's voice. Yuichi looks soo amazingly hot with tie & he run! His clothes attached to his body~ I'm amazed by his way of running & his hairrrr~ Beautiful!! JunnO's hair when he face up & throw the key!!! How Koki's caught the key & his hair, all like in an action drama! Ueda jumping from box(?) to the another box, JUST CUTE!

After multi-time of repeating the CM, the song make me feel like the moment when you need to decide. The image that i got when I heard the song. It mixes of excitement, suspense, & feeling that you need to make a wise decision. So drama-like kind of feeling. I don't how express my feeling in words. I think it depends how you guys see the image after listening to the song. This is the 1st time i feel this way towards KAT-TUN song. This is so exciting!!! I can't wait to hear the full song!

I feel too excited to go to sleep now & I need to sleep early bcoz tomorrow today I want to go for a walk. Just a walk to see the outside world. I like what Yuichi said taht he needs at least once a year to go somewhere far. (I dun remember much. I think he mention in BtR documentary) Bcoz I dun have money to go to far places, outside & far from my home is enough for me. Take a bus & enjoy the ride. My mum wants to join me. I can't tell her that i need some time alone. Let see what will happen.

Have a joyfulness weekend & have fun. Take a good care of yourself & stay healthy.

PS: That song is sticking in my head!!! WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!


PERFECT My Friends, PERFECT Your Mind

YOSH! Ok, suddenly I feel excited, bcoz.... jeng...jeng... I LOVE PERFECT song!!! Hihihihi~
You know, when I 1st heard the song, I really dun like it very much & i was worried, could this song be the 1st song I dun like from KAT-TUN?
NOOOO!!!! *Running crazily* I dun want it to be happen to me! I love KAT-TUN!!! All their songs are my favorite!!! NOOO!!!! *running crazily* BUT!!!! After a week w/o listening to the song, I heard for the 1st after a week & I still dun like it! T^T WHY???!!!!~~~ *Deeply frustrated* Then I kept repeating the song while doing my work on whatever i need to do that time, THEN! I LIKE IT!!! NO, I LOVE IT!!! Yeah, the rap is out of the song BUT the song is soo positive & LOVE the line "PERFECT MY FRIEND, PERFECT YOUR MIND" so much!!! Koki is soo cute in MS (Music Station)! JunnO is MORE CUTE!!! Ueda SMILING face! I'm in love!!! The dance is soo cute too! I think the song just so cute! With Cherry Blossom at the back, WHY SO CUTE!!!? Somehow I love Koki's look in MS~ ^^" Love the rap more when I read the translation. So what if the rap in out of the scope I still love it! Dun forget that Yuichi said that he asked us to check out "ah ah ah ah" that he made but being autotune~ So cute! JunKame/KameNo scene!!! *died of excited*

Collapse )

I made this for KAT-TUN anniversary but somehow I forgot to post it~ Do you know where this from? I did it by referring to one of the magazine. They suppose to pose in cool way but I made they smile~

This is the last post bcoz I have my final exam this whole April & I need to concentrate (avoid from KAT-TUN?) & I need to study hard to get better CGPA~ YOSH! Hope you guys are doing great in your life & even your E-motion *sing D-Motion*  After this is over (the exam of coz) I will work! Collecting money to buy KAT-TUN's album! My target! Sending a lot of HUGS, HEARTs & KISSES! MUAH! \(^o^)/

Silly Yuichi

All for You, Hitori Ja nai! ^^

Yosh, my f-list! How are you today? The weather is quite good & sunny today. I hope you guys doing your best in life as well in study & work! Ganbatte ne~ May your spirit never fade. If they fade, stop for awhile, maybe a min or 2 just relax yourself. Look around. See people (not all people are totally suck) meet new people, walk in a park. See kids playing at the playground. If you comfortable & already to live your life, then enjoy every minutes of it~ I'm enjoying myself not at fullest but almost~ heheheheh~

Happy 5th Anniversary to KAT-TUN & 10th Anniversary together as KAT-TUN~ I draw them from 2++am until 5am & I dun know what I did to finish this that long! I will draw more! ^^
I will always be a KAT-TUN now & forever in future~ May they always be in KAT-TUN until they get old or something~ Heheheheh~ Joking~

Kame, you somehow becoming chubby & it looks soo good on you~ Chubby Kame is CUTE!!! Kawaaiiii~
JunnO, you make me falling in love with you more & more for each passing photo of you & your words keep becoming more & more romantic!
Koki, your hair! I really love how you do y
our hair! So cute & it makes you cute too but manly of coz but CUTE!
Ueda, your smile is too cute to resist! Everytime you do that, it melts my heart!
Yuichi, I totally for this moment addicted to you with JunnO & i dun know why!

My drawing on JunnO x Yuichi~ I hope you like it~


Be healthy & smile from your heart. Sending a lot of KISSESLOVES from me to my f-list!

Fix Yuichi JunnO

TWO? Futari? Dua?

I hate it when suddenly I feel sadness in my heart & I'm holding the tears for no reason~
My heart hurts so much for holding them~

EDIT: I will better tomorrow. Just for tonight, let me be like this....

A Story of KameNo, Ur Existence is very Important

Happy Birthday Kame-chan. I hope you always healthy & let make the upcoming concert to be the concert of the year! ^^
Here are two drabble present for Kame-chan on his special day. A KameNo Story~ The story was based on a picture.  Enjoy~
Title: On that day Only
Author: Numix-chan a.k.a
Pairing: The only one, KameNo, JunKame (Kame x JunnO)
Group: KAT-TUN

"Thank you for your hard work." with that Kame went home to his apartment. When he arrived home, the house was already dark.

"I guess JunnO already sleep." He closed the door slowly & walked to the kicthen to grab water.

"I wish that, JunnO was there on the table welcoming me home with a smile on his face. If he did that, I will became more energetic." He sighed. When he put his bottle in the fridge, he heard a sound.

"A ghost?" He closed the fridge slowly. The footstep became closer and closer and closer and closer. Then it stop! exactly behind him. He still facing the fridge. He collected all his courage to turn to face the fear.

"Whatever!" and his turned quickly and was surprised as he saw a familiar figure in front of him.

"Happy Birthday Zuya-chan! Please accept me as your present!" JunnO was standing in his most coolest position.

"Suke-chan, you shouldn't offer your body that easily." Without waiting for JunnO to apply, Kame jumped on him and hugged him.

"Thank you, Suke-chan. I love you."

Title: Ur Existence is very important
Author: Numix-chan~
Pairing: Kame x JunnO (KameNo, JunKame)
Group: KAT-TUN

Kame found this beautiful mini house & curiosity struck him to enter the mini house. As he walked around the house, he wanted to see what it is looks inside the house. He choose one window to peek inside the house. He stepped close to the window, he saw a figure sitting on a chair. His hair seems to cover half of that person face. He looked closer, then suddenly that person turned! Kame was very nervous & his mind keep coming with this idea, will the person face look horrible? Kame was waiting with patience. As the person turned, Turn out that the person was making a funny face? Kame was surprised at first & burst in. Laughing his heart out~

Turn out that the person was JunnO. JunnO said that Kame seems very sad & in bad mood recently. So he wanted to cheer Kame.
Thinking JunnO

Ni hao ma? (How are you?) Wo hen hao. (I'm very good) ^____^

What should I write for today? Not so much thing happen but I cried. I entering handball for representing my university SCIENCE MALAYSIA UNIVERSITY (USM) I dun know will I be pick up to play for the 7 main player. I really like handball very much. This is when I started to talk out of topic.

I just finished watching Buzzer Beat. Yamapi is good. He is very professional. I love how he master the steps, the skills. I think I should watch his latest movie. What is the name? There was in this episode when the girl said he will be Naoki (Yamapi) #1 fan, bcoz Naoki dun have any fans. Then I remembered JunnO. I wish that girl is me & Naoki is JunnO. I want to support him. from that episode until the last episode, I imagine JunnO & Me. (^u^)v

Yume (dream) is a very awesome word for those that have set their mind on that dream. I dun have one. My dream, I never sure about that. I never stick to one. When I was in primary school, I wanted to be a teacher, police & a soldier. When I entered secondary school, I wanted to be like P.Ramlee, a cool director that has multi-talented skills or just be a software designer. Now I'm taking my degree, I think I will take Networking as my major. The reason? bcoz I want to make internet run faster. Childish decision? Yes. I still not sure what i want to be or what do i like to do as my professional. 24 is the point where I need to think about my future, that seems to be more darker than b4.

Happy Chinese New Year. My Mandarin class that I take, I really like it. I just weak in putting them to make a sentence. My spelling is good so far. I will do my best on my mandarin language. My friends list, Do your best too in what you aim for. Go for it!

Smile Until you satisfied...

I'm very happy because while i was browsing the tumblr, i found one of my fanart that i made in my Deviantart account! I never thought someone would posted in their tumblr~ ^^
Maybe i should share it in taguchi_love

Here are the prove that I print screen.

I just wanna say, Thank you~ ^^v
I dun know how to tag this entry! Heheheh~

I forgot to tell you! I have my Facebook account! The name is Numix Gagu Shah! Thank you~! *shouting*
Happy 4 U

Change Ur World & You can Change Mine

Hai, It has been a long, ok almost a month w/o updating is kinda normal? Basically I either fangirling about KAT-TUN or JunnO or talking about myself. JunnO in Change Ur World is awesome, no doubt about that~ Koki is totally handsome at certain reason. One of that is his "long" hair. Though He looks cute in bald but he looks cute plus handsome in "long hair" too. I like that~ I still like 1582 by Kame. His voice in that song is amazing~ He looks beautiful. Yuichi... hurmmm.... I dun remembered when did I addressed him as Yuichi not as Maru anymore. He is good & his normal face is cool~ I like when he did that.  Ueda, I dun know but when He did his famous cute smile & peace sign, I can't help to love him. Is that the only reason? I still develop myself to love him more. When he smiles, he is so cute. NTT is being awesome! Being together lately is totally awesome! I hope they keep that up until FOREVER! It doesn't matter whether they go out as duo or as trio, they still NTT. Thank you JunnO for this unofficial sub-unit. JunnO always surprised me. His unexpected talent that I never considered he had that. Sorry JunnO. I will Love you forever & ever. It remind me that he mentioned that "If I had a girlfriend" He already broke up with "her"? Not that I'm happy, it just that I'm just curios~ ^^;

I somehow felt irritating alot lately. Although I told that person many time that I want my own pace, that person gave so many excuses for her troubles & business. I thought I can rest myself from stress & work, I guess you dun usually get what you wish for. I got stress the same level b4 I faced my final exam. My smile is too hide how painful it is my life is. It is not that I complain, It just I need to change my life completely. I'm trap. Someone plez help me.

Meme Time! This is a End Year Meme. I got it from whoompah. So it Goes~
Reply to this entry by completing the following:
1. Something you are looking forward to.
2. Something that made you happy.
3. Something that pissed you off.
4. Something that made you smile.
5. Something that make you sad.
6. Random shout (can be directed to anyone or thing. Even towards me. Good or bad.)

My Answer:
1. I forgot. Maybe Life w/o stress
2. Seeing JunnO or KAT-TUN or Sing KAT-TUN songs
3. The copyright thing about the song.
4. Seeing JunnO's smile. Just seeing him Make me smile.
5. Jin no longer a part of KAT-TUN.
I almost shed tears when my friend sent me a sms stated that he no longer apart of KAT-TUN. I hope for the best for him.

2011 just around the corner. I hope some of your wishes come true. Plez work hard in this coming new year.
Near Year, new start. **HUG**

PS: Plez tell to my face that you remove me from your f-list~
It is better to tell me than me discovered it by myself~ Thank you~

Happy Birthday Taguchi Junnosuke

You know what is the happiest day of my life since I discovered KAT-TUN?
JunnO's birthday. XDDD So lame!!! but it is true.
I love how many people on this special day celebrates JunnO's day with fullest!
I will make this as simple as possible just bcoz I love JunnO~ XDDD

Thank you for your smile, I adore and admire you a lot. You are my inspiration & my motto. Your positive and your keep smiling help me a lot. You appeared when my life got more harder than b4. Thank you so much for everything and most of all Thank you for joining Johnnys and be apart of KAT-TUN.

I will support you & love you for the rest of my life. You will always be my 1st ichiban and my last. I never want to tread your place with someone else. You are the only idol that I admire in the situation that I had never imagine myself doing this ever. I discovered other personalities that I never wanted to became. Only you that brought me to this fandom and KAT-TUN too~ I like you so much that I only see you when you with someone else. You are my everything. I'm so grateful for that.

You are my life. You fill my life with color. I'm full with love.

I think I'm crazy over you in every single day of my life since I found KAT-TUN.

I'm sending my love to you. If you can feel the breeze of the WIND blowing against your face, that means my loves reached you.

I hope you always smile because your smile bring light to someone's life. Just like you did it to my life.

I gave you 25 people just to throw you flowers on your path so that your life journey is full with love.